The Apache Fluidics Rolling Thunder and Blazing Spear Flamethrowers! Buy the ONLY Flamethrowers that Equal and Exceed Real Military Flamethrower Power and Performance

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I'm a Stanford Aerospace engineer - high pressures and high flow rates are what I do... When we found out that flamethrowers are actually LEGAL in most states, we set out to build one. Despite a masters degree in things EXACTLY like this, it STILL took SIX MONTHS of researching, testing, sourcing components, and fabricating parts that simply didn't exist anywhere in the world to create our FIRST system. That had 1/3 the power of this system. The X15 Flamethrower you see for sale elsewhere was built after evaluating our first, primitive prototype, and has about 1/10 the power of our current system! We didn't know more people wanted what we had created at the time, we only sold a couple because we were asked... Another 6 months and well over $10,000 of parts, systems that didn't live up to performance measures, and testing later - plus a couple years of thinking about it - and we FINALLY have this... The Apache Fluidics M2 M9 flamethrower. The ONLY full military power flamethrower you can buy - unless you want to spend $12,000 on a refurbished genuine M2 flamethrower or M9-7 flamethrower from the US Military, which have steel tanks that have been corroding for 50-70 years (but need to hold 400 psi to protect your life). It's just like owning your very own M9 Flamethrower, but MUCH safer and MUCH more affordable!

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